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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  October 27, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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coffin of randolph holder was carried in. >> the accused killer is set to face a judge today. tyrone howard is charged in his death. >> lori bordonaro is at state supreme court, we want to begin with tracie sta han in queens to say good-bye. >> reporter: i have to tell you, merck boulevard has been lined with people well before the doors of the church opened at 9:00 this morning. cardinal dolan is inside, and just a short time ago, officer randolph holder's family arrived. we have video of them coming about temon minutes ago into a church where people are actually signing a book of memories to get in, but even before that, many offered memories of the officer whose life was cut short. with each step, the nypd's honor guard left randolph holder's flag-draped casket closer to the alter where thousands will pay their final respects to him over
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the next two days. those who lined merck boulevard early to say good-bye say the emotions are already evident inside. >> people is just weeping and crying. they can't really understand. >> the officer crying, everybody's crying. everybody is. this is a young man laying there. it's awful, awful. >> reporter: it was a week ago that holder, a five year vet of the nypd was fatally shot in the head in a gunfight while pursuing a robbery suspect in harlem. the captain of his precinct says the death has had a ripple effect for the department and community who remember his even temper. >> always had a smile on his face. as some of his teammates have told me, he was the officer that always told them, hold on a minute, look, slow down a little bit. and then lets see what's going on before we go into a situation. and his officers, his partners have told me that they actually respected that.
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announcement amongst the police union, reverend al sharpton said in a letter to the officer's father that he would not deliver the eulogy at his funeral on tuesday, still with the capacity for more than 20,000, one of the largest churches in the country is expected to be filled with prayer, heavy hearts, and no shortage of support. >> the wonderful thing about law enforcement, all over the country, everyone comes out to support. >> reporter: now today's viewing ends at 6:00 tonight, and if possible, even more people are expected for officer holder's funeral on tuesday, jet blue actually offered free flights to officers nationwide. today, we're seeing most of the nypd. we're live in south jamaica queens, tracie strahan. >> thank you. and now to news 4 ease lori bordonaro on the killer's day in court, lori. >> reporter: sources are telling news 4 as indictment could come later today.
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unlike tyrone howard's arraignment, there are no police officers here today at the courthouse. this expec d to be a very short proceeding right now. we understand tyrone howard is here. we are just waiting for his attorney to arrive so that they can address the charges. a tyrone howard is charged with robbery and murder in the first degree in the killing of 33-year-old nypd officer randolph holder last tuesday. he allegedly stole a bike at gunpoint, then led police on a chase that ended in a shootout. the fdr drive after days of searching, police found the gun and said they can match it to the shooting, the war test need to be done. his bail was not set at arraignment, once again, he'sr here, we're waiting for his attorney to arrive, sources telling us an indictment could come later today. of course we will be in the courtroom and bring you all the latest developments, that's the very latest from here in lower nhattan, lori bordonaro, news 4 new york. >> thousands of officers are
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expected to attend officer holder's funeral tomorrow. it'll be held at 3:00. also at the greater cathedral in jamaica. we're going to have coverage of the funeral on our website nbc new and track the latest developments in the investigation into his death. new developments at this noon on the shooting that left a 16-year-old dead. surveillance video shows what happened just before the teen was gunned down. therine creag was there when local leaders called out governor cuomo and a push for change, kat. >> reporter: this area's become a hangout for young people because they have no oth place to go, and they want to change that. >> there's a conversion of young people that are coming here as well as gangs. >> reporter: brooklyn borough president eric adams along w h this council woman stood a few feet away from where a teenager collapsed just hours ago after being shot in the head.
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to add funding to s.n.u.g., guns spelled backwards. >> we think it's imperative that the governor steps in and the city funds this call for immediate infusion of into the underground grass roots organizations who have been operating with limited andomn some cases, no funding at all. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the moments before and after last night's shooting, a large group of teenagers running in one direction and running back after shots rang out. 16-year-old armani hankens was killed, and 18-year-old mans also shot. >> pow, pow, pow, just like that. >> reporter: all he wanted to do was go home, then she heard gunfire. >> i seen somebodilated out on the ground, and we were just screaming and hollering and everybody was trying to help him and stuff like that. >> reporter: residents like matthews said they want to see more police officers in the area, it's what the council
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>> the 88th precinct needs more resources, more manpower, more capital infrastructure to make sure that they can secure this area as safely as possible. >> reporter: the second person who was shot was hit in the ankle, he was taken to a hospital. shiba and rob, back to you. >> thank you. this is new at noon, the united nations general assembly is considering a vote today to end the cuban embargo. >> the vote is symbolic, only the united states congress can lift that embargo. representatives from over 30 member countries are speaking on the resolution to end the embargo imposed by the united ates against cuba all these years. this is the first time the embargo has come up for a vote in the u.n. since cuba and america restored relations this summer. in new jersey, a fast-moving fire left two homes damaged. chopper 4 was over the scene this morning in east orange. we're told one firefighter suffered a broken leg. all right.
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city royals for game one of the world series, today is the day. >> i bet they're very nervous in kansas city. they ought to be. >> they should be. >> the game is in kansas city, but the energy can be felt all over new york city right now. everybody's talking about this game, news 4's michael george is at citi field, michael. >> reporter: well rob, the world series kicks off in just about eight hours, no matter what happens tonight, on friday, the series comes here to citifield, and we got to see something special take place just a few minutes ago. as we speak, they are spray painting the words world series on to citifield, this is a sight fans have been waiting to see. crews are getting the field ready for friday, including banners with the words national league champions on the mets dugout. now we've been talking with the workers here at citifield, they're as excited as the fans, and even three days early, fans are already here buying gear for the game. for a long time fan like you, how big is this moment?
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>> as big as it gets. you know, your whole life you wait for something like this. its been 29 years. so you know, this is it. and this is new video that just came into us, this is mr. met, performing meet the mets with the melt opera, so yes, this city has officially gone mets crazy. again the met opera and mr. met together singing this morning. we want to tell you about the average ticket price nrs game. the game's here at citifield coming up on friday, saturday, e and sunday, average ticket prices are over $1,000. asthat's among the most out there. another thing we want to menti tonight. one world trade center spiral will light up in blue and orange as the mets take the field. michael george, news 4 new york. >> i don't remember seeing -- i saw yesterday, one of the congressman of -- michael, thank you, had to sing meet the mets on the floor, i think of congress. he lost that bet. i love that. especially after that series with the dodgers. >> and mr. met is quite the conductor outside lincoln center
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this morning. >> looking very good. coming up here on news 4 new york at noon. violent, violent confrontation, a classroom confrontation between an officer and a female student. the outrage and the investigation into this, coming up. plus comedian kevin hart wants you to work out with him tht is week. we'll have all the details coming up. and rafael is here, always staying fit. >> i try, shiba, we're trying to stay dry tomorrow. it is dry for one more day today, then a massive storm system is heading our way. how much rain we're expecting and the timing coming up in your
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shooting at a gas station inest sex county left one -- essex county left one person dead last night. the prosecutors office says the victim was a 57-year-old man who police have not said if they've made any arrests. police in colu ia, south scarolina, are investigating ldafter some disturbing cell phone video surfaces involving a sheriff. this is video recorded by a student at spring valley high school. it began with the teacher requesting that the teenage girl leave the room and go to the di iplinary office after she caused a disturbance. when she refused, the teacher called in the resource officer. and when she refused to leave with him, it then escalated. he grabbed her as you just saw there, puts an arm around the neck. he then drags her off to the front of the classroom. the student was detained and released to her parents.
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that officer is on administrate administrative leave. turning now politics, hillary clinton's campaign has gained some ground. now that vice president joe biden is officially out of the race. but her main rival, vermont senator bernie sanders is still nipping at her heels and proving to be a bigger challenge than anybody predicted. asked whether clinton has a better chance of winning a general election, sanders told "today's" savannah guthrie this morning, absolutely not. >> the enthusiasm that we are generating, we have a lot of working class people and young people who have given up on the political process are now coming out. >> sanders added he is delighted that clinton is throwing her support behind issues that he has backed for decades. he pointed tor clinton's opposition to the keystone pipeline as an example. new at noon, national poll puts donald trump in the number two spot for the first time in months. a new york times cbs news poll shows ben carson narrowly
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leading the businessman 26 o 22. but, you know, a lot can change between now and primary day. still a lot of time left. seven out of ten republicans who express support for a candidate admit they're not really sure who they'll end up voting for. the republican candidates will debate begin tomorrow night. today's money report, big banks looking to change up the way you withdraw money. >> cnbc's sue herrara joins us now with that and a look at the markets. >> hi, great to see you. it's a down day though on wall street today. we had a lot of weak economic markets. right now the dow jones industrial arch is just off modestly, about 50 points or so. also weighing only market, lower oil p mrices and that's driving the stocks lower, and t t's contributing to the loss of the dow jones industrial average. as i mention, not much encouraging economic news today,
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that's not good news for an economy that relies very heavily on consumer spending. and that lack of confidence in the economy probably explains why sales of big ticket items like washington machines and refrigerators and a lot of other products that are designed to last three years or more, they went down, durable goods ordered declined 1.2% signaling a downturn in the nation's economy. and those weak statistics come just one day before the federal reserve needs to decide whether to raise interest rates. it may force them to keep rates right where they are until the edge of the year. as you mention, guys, using a debit card may be history. a number of big banks like citi, jp morgan and bank of america have tested technology that'll use biometrics to let you access your cash. scanning your eye, a read of your fingerprint, or voice recognition. it'll be interesting times ahead. at least it won't matter if you forget that debit card at home, have a great day.
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>> i've already seen them beat those methods in a lot of movies. >> absolutely. >> so we have to see what comes after that. sue, thanks. >> i love it, i always forget my pass code, and i think a lot of people are worried about the pass cod being hacked. >> can't hack a retinal scan. >> well -- >> all right. >> right there. >> one more thing to worry about. there you go. little cloudy today. >> yeah. rain is coming though. >> it is. how soon, how soon? >> tomorrow morning. enjoy. know know it'll be als me tomorrow, we need the rain around here. we have a drought going on. so this is a good happy weather story to get the rain and at least it's not on the weekend, 54 degrees outside right now, bestill have sunshine hanging around, but clouds as well. let's look at your lunchtime weather headlines, dry for today, but we have rain and wind making it a mess for wednesday, then the weekend starts out dry and may not stay dry. we'll look at that the in just a minute.
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forecast. lots anxious to know what's going on in kansas city. well, there may be a few showers, patchy drizzle, lot of heavy rain though. the game should be fine. maybe a brief delay at the beginning. otherwise looking good. here's a live look at storm tracker, quiet, look what's waiting for us, a lot of rain now from the midwest right down towards florida. the system infused with the moisture from what was hurricane patricia, all of this is heading our way. let's time it out on future tracker, this is 6:00 for your evening commute. still dry, know green, and that's good. we'll set this into motion, wednesday morning, 7:00 a.m., rain falling to the south and west ahead of town. umbrellas are a most. as we go into motion, lunch time, showers continue through the lunchtime hour around 1:00 p.m., no brake in sight for the evening commute. this is 6:00, 7:00 to rrow, yellows within oranges, and reds, those are heavy downpours for the evening. looks like the heaviest rain
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will fall just as you're trying to make your way home. and some of the rain lingering into thursday morning. this is 6:00 a.m. leftover showers. heaviest rain is done by then and certainly drying out nicely by thursday a ernoon and also into friday. so how much rain are we talking about here? future tracker shows the spoeshl there for over an inch, up to two inches, maybe even two inches plus. especially north and west of town. you could see some of the totals over two and a half inches of rain, beneficial, there bha some localized flooding, and i would expect delays at the airports tomorrow because the combination of rain and wind. now, everything quiets down as we head into your weekend for halloween, great news, great for everyone. cool though, temperatures in the 50s, and marathon sunday, slight chance of a shower, that's new to the forecast, temperatures are mild in the low 60s, i think a little milder than the marathon runners would like, but again, looks mostly dry for your sunday. seven day forecast shows 66, it's breezy and mild with the rain throughout the day on wednesday. coup of showers lingering to thursday, look at those temperatures, 73 there, and much
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cooler on fridayks, and again, don't forget to turn your clocks back, saturday night into sunday as we get that extra hour of sleep. i know you guys appreciate that, back to you. >> love it, love it. >> yeah, that's he only upside. it was an exciting morning for our friends at city harvest. they are celebrating their mission to collect and distribute surplus food. >> today in new york's darlene rodriguez emceed this event. nbc 4 is a media partner with the charitable group. education, picture-taking, and it continued commitment to help people in need. what a great cause. >> yeah, see her there sitting in the front. "new york live" is next at 12:30. jackie and lauren. >> did you just fall out of bed or what? i'm just kidding. >> rob, you are so smooth with the ladies. you are just knowing what to
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>> coming up right here, we're celebrating the mets, of course, and the world series. and also what are the best dishes in all of the big apple? we have an exclusive tour with the food experts of timeout new york guaranteed to make you hungry. it is the trend that some celebs love and others think it's down right dangerous. of course ben aaron tries it out. plus brook burke coming up here at 12:30. >> you guys teased me. >> frankly i'm disappointed, you should have made him sing the mets song. >> something has to happen. >> you look fantastic, i love it. you don't want to the hear it now. >> very festive. we love it. still ahead here on news 4 new york at noon. why one retailer is refusing to open for business on one of the
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will not be open on black friday, rei sporting fwoods. >> those stores will be closed for the first time on the year's biggest retail day. all employees have the day off. their boss wants them to enjoy the great outdoors afterall that's what the stores are all about. they want you to join them and share your experiences at at #optoutside. and kevin hart wants you to enjoy the great outdoors with him as well. he's going for a run at hudson river park later in the week and he wants you to join them. the star is inviting all new yorkers for the run with hart 5k, 7:30, friday morning. maybe you can do it before you go to work. take a quick shower. hart has hosted the 5ks across the country between tour stops. th he's encouraging runners of all ages and paces to come out and be a part of the run to quote become a better version of yourself. push it. >> isng that this friday? >> this friday. >> okay. i'm thinking friday after thanksgiving. i was going to say, that's stuff. >> turkey run.
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well a new treat from starbucks beginning tomorrow through halloween, the coffee schan serving up a vampire-inspired drink. the frafpula is made with white chocolate sauce, milk, ice, whipped cream, and a drizzle of raspberry syrup. >> drink that and go join kevin
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>> only same amount of calories as four or five milk shakes. enjoy it. tonight at 5:00, the one thing you won't be able to pack in your bags. bruce live from kansas city where the mets are taking on the series.
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